What is the Future of the Short Story?

by Commonwealth Writers  /  16th April 2012

Commonwealth Writers

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  • Jamie Regent-Villiers

    Well if the Internet has anything to do with it I personally have my doubts. Of course nowadays earthlings are into a kind of “quick & easy” scenario, be it in terms of reading, writing, sport or whatever, so anything short is gonna be really cool. But when last did you see someone buy an anthology of short stories? When last did you see a school kid reading a book while waiting for the bus?
     I love writing and cannot envisage life without the written word, but I am old fashioned. I have several grandchildren ranging in age from eleven to fifteen and I have yet to see one of them reading anything printed on paper outside of the school classroom. Sure, they constantly text stuff onto mobile phones which seem to have become part of their hands, but is this writing and reading? I think not so, I fear for the written word, be it short, medium or long and I so wish it was not so!