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Why Do Prizes Matter?


Nii Ayikwei Parkes, one of the 2012 judges for the Commonwealth Book Prize, explains why prizes are important. …


What is the Future of the Short Story?


H.E.Bates found no satisfactory definition of the short story because of its boundless flexibility, but in its precision, and brief 'moments of suggestion' he likened it to film. Disappointed that …


The Case for Crowdfunding


As less conventional routes to becoming a published author grow both more viable and attractive, we investigate the phenomenon of crowd-funding and what it might mean for the publishing world …


Why Do You Write?


This question is posed not only for successful writers but also for amateurs. …


No Room At The Table? Making inclusion a reality for black British writers


On March 1st 2012, Commonwealth Writers attended a panel and discussion at the Free Word Centre in London, with the author Courttia Newland, a British author of Jamaican descent; Jonathan …


Should we still be using the term ‘Ethnic Literature’?


Following Krys Lee's recent piece on the Huffington Post, we wonder if 'ethnic literature' is a valid description, whether it helps to promote traditionally marginalised cultures or to dismiss them, …

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